Current Ventures

2015-2016 Energy Ventures Teams

XRG: Stop paying for your neighbor's electricity.

Torr provides decentralized, mobile reactors that convert waste biomass into a torrefied fuel for pelleting plants, gasifiers and other energy processes.

Route.: We are solving the last-mile distribution problem in solar.

OleoSep provides a low cost, small footprint, technologically superior water filtration system resulting in higher output and lower opex for oil & gas and other industries.

Infinite Cooling is disrupting the way power plants use water by making the cooling cycle more water-efficient.

ikEnergy: A fully integrated solar business that is bridging the energy access gap in sub-Saharan Africa, by providing solar energy systems to small and medium sized businesses.

CalWave utilizes the renewable energy of ocean waves to provide a sustainable, cost-effecitve supply of freshwater and electricity for island nations.

Balloonsonde provides on-site wind speed measurements at low cost and high resolution to help project developers worldwide reduce predevelopment and financing costs and improve turbine siting.


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