Current Ventures (in depth)

2015-2016 Energy Ventures Teams

BalloonsondeTech driven

Wind power is one of the fastest-growing energy technologies in the world, but many wind projects are delayed because of the limitations of today's wind resource assessment techniques. Balloonsonde offers a versatile, low-cost, and high-resolution wind measurement platform that can improve energy yield estimates and reduce the cost of wind electricity.

CalWave Tech driven

Small island developing states consistute 20% of the United Nations member states and are home to over 50 million people, yet they suffer from high freshwater and electricity costs due their heavy dependence on imported diesel. CalWave uses a proprietary WaveCarpet technology to convert the renewable energy of waves to freshwater and electricity. By taking advantage of carbon conscious financing organizations and loaning the WaveCarpets to island nations for free, freshwater produced by the WaveCarpet is cost competitive with that produced using existing solutions, while also producing electricity.

ikEnergy | Business model driven

Around 19 percent of the world’s population, or 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity. Of that total, more than 620 million live in Africa. Lack of electricity in Africa remains one of the biggest barriers to the region’s development and prosperity, and continues to trap millions of people in extreme poverty. ikEnergy is a fully integrated solar business who helps small and medium businesses (SMBs) in sub-Saharan Africa bridge their electricity gap. ikEnergy provides reliable energy solutions through unique financing service agreements with SMBs and property owners. ikEnergy, unlike many solar firms, manages the solar projects for customers from start to finish by owning the installation, operations and maintenance process. 

Infinite Cooling Tech driven

Infinite Cooling reduces the water consumption of power plants. Power plants are the largest consumer of freshwater in the US. By reducing evaporative losses in the cooling cycle with a patent pending technology developed at MIT, Infinite Cooling reduces water costs and limits the adverse environmental effects of power plants at a time when water scarcity is an issue forcing power plants to dramatically shift how they use their water.

OleoSep | Tech driven

Every year, millions of tons of chemicals are used to treat oil/water emulsions, creating sludge which is expensive to dispose of. OleoSep eliminates the need for chemicals and sludge disposal and creates value for oil and gas companies by recovering usable oil.

Route. | Business model driven

1.6 billion people around the world lack access to energy. Over $200M in investment has been committed to address the problem this year alone, but companies lack the infrastructure to scale and reach customers at the last mile. We provide a 3PL platform for solar companies to reach those who need access to energy the most.

Torr  | Tech driven

Torr provides decentralized torrefaction that converts biomass into an energy rich output. Each year, billions of tons of agricultural waste are burned in order to clear fields. Torr will take this otherwise wasted biomass, torrefy it through out unique reactor units, and turn it into a renewable source of energy. We will partner with local farmers and factory owners to deliver energy for a sustainable future.

XRG | Business model driven

XRG is a third-party retail electricity supplier that passes on the savings that low peak-demand residential customers deserve. We identify low peak-demand customers using a survey-based approach, and then offer these customers a lower flat rate on their electricity bill than what the local utility company or alternative retail providers can offer.