15.366 Student application now open

May 20, 2015

Apply to 15.366 Energy Ventures (Fall 2015) before July 24

Want to explore the intersection of energy and entrepreneurship at MIT? Launch a new business around a technology you are working on? Commercialize energy technologies being developed in MIT labs?  If so, apply for Energy Ventures!

Energy Ventures is a project- and lecture-based course during which teams of students create a new business in the energy sector. Note that this is the first year the class will actively seek technologies and business models inclusive of the energy-water-food nexus. Student teams formed during the first three weeks of the class (comprised of engineering, policy, and business students) are paired with technologies being developed by professors and graduate students at MIT labs to figure out the best path for commercialization. These interdisciplinary teams then work to write a business plan throughout the remainder of the semester.

     Class Time: Thursdays, 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (32-124, dinner provided)

     Mentor Check-ins (Recitation): Fridays, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (E40-160, subject to change)

     Professors: Bill Aulet, Tod Hynes, Francis O’Sullivan

     Enrollment: By Application Only (no listeners); 12 credits

Energy Ventures teams have performed exceptionally well in business plan competitions after the class has been completed (including the MIT Clean Energy Prize, the MIT $100K Business Plan Competition, and the energy track of the Rice Business Plan Competition). OptiBit (now Ayar Labs), winner of the 2015 MIT Clean Energy Prize, was founded through the course last year.

Application Requirements

The goal is to bring together students passionate about launching a new energy venture, inclusive of the energy-water-food space, after completion of the class or upon graduation An ideal applicant for Energy Ventures is:

  • An engineering/science/policy student with a passion for the energy sector; and/or
  • A business student committed to the energy sector that have taken an introductory entrepreneurship class or have equivalent experience

Students with a technology or idea under development are especially encouraged to apply. The application requires the following information:

  1. CV/Resume (PDF format)
  2. Short answer (1000 characters each):
    1. Personal statement of interest (why you want to be in the class)
    2. Goals upon completion of course or at graduation
    3. Energy- and/or entrepreneurship-relevant experience (including summer plans)
    4. Involvement in the MIT/Cambridge energy community
  3. Optional: If you would like to bring a technology to the class (NOT a requirement), prepare a 3-5 slide deck and/or 2-page executive summary to include:
    1. Technology overview
    2. Stage of development
    3. Any current researchers and/or faculty affiliated with the project


To apply, complete this application before July 24. The class can only accept a limited number of students, and so we encourage timely applications for a better chance that the class will not be full. Please also email a copy of your CV/resume and/or information on your technology or idea to 15366-ta@mit.edu before submitting.

If necessary, applicant interviews will occur during the summer over the phone. Contact the Energy Ventures TA at 15366-ta@mit.edu for additional information